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  • Story by Eric Blom

    Somali people in Minnesota who send money to east Africa are still concerned that the method they use to transfer funds to family members in Africa will soon shut down. Earlier this month, the Franklin Bank in Minneapolis announced it would stop working with “hawalas” on the fund transfers. The deadline was this week.

  • Pete Bosse is on the phone with us now to explain the rest. Good morning.
    Earlier this week some people in Minneapolis and St. Paul were offered the chance to start the ball rolling on a “pay it forward” idea for holiday giving.
    Pete Bosse says he and his wife come up with “holiday it forward” idea while they were looking for a way to have a more meaningful celebration.

  • Lawyers, dentists, hair stylists and chiropractors all came together this week to volunteer on behalf of homeless people. Project Homeless Connect mobilizes 500 service providers to one central location to make help more available to those who need it. KFAI’s Susan Gray was there.

  • KFAI’s Mighty T-Bone is currently ensconced at Dorothy Day Center in downtown St. Paul. He’s not there on a research project, he is a resident and the next two editions of “Our Show Of Shows” will feature the sounds, stories, trials and occasional triumphs of the people who list homelessness as their facebook status at this holiday season.

  • Though the calendar says otherwise, for all intents and purposes winter has arrived in Minnesota. And for most Twin Cities commuters this means breaking out the ice-scrapers and warming up the car before the daily drive. But for a growing number of dedicated bicyclists, winter means the same thing as summer – time to saddle up for the daily ride. What does it take to be a winter cyclist?

  • Story by Bob Hines & Michelle Alimoradi

    In a special election this week in state Senate district 59 in Minneapolis, Kari Dziedzic won the competition between 5 DFL’ers to face a Republican opponent in January. She got 32% of the vote.
    Just 339 votes behind her was the second place finisher, a Somali immigrant named Mohamud Noor.

  • Somali people in Minnesota who send money to east Africa are concerned that the method they use to transfer funds will soon shut down.

  • Story by Eric Blom

    Talk has picked up regarding the possibility of a new casino in Block E in downtown Minneapolis. The idea has been floated before, but the recent push by state and county officials to come up with a plan to finance a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings has given the notion of a downtown casino some new life. KFAI’s Eric Blom reports.

  • Story by Erika Lantz

    At the state capitol on Tuesday, lawmakers, city officials, football team lobbyists, and members of the public spent six hours debating funding options for a possible new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. By the time it was over, questions remained.
    KFAI’s Erika Lantz reports.

  • Story by Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi

    Twin Cities actor Warren Bowles lived through a real life drama a couple of months ago when he suffered cardiac arrest while on stage during a performance at Mixed Blood Theater. Quick action by a pair of paramedics re-started his heart and turned a potential tragedy into story of survival and gratitude.