General Announcements

  • Story by Bob Hines

    On Tuesday, January 10th, two candidates will go before the voters in South Minneapolis in a special election to serve in the State House of Representatives.
    District 61B was formerly served by Jeff Hayden, who will join the State Senate later this month as an elected replacement for Senator Linda Berlin. Berglin left the legislature last summer after a long career.

  • Story by Michelle Alimoradi

    When State Senator Larry Pogemiller accepted an appointment by Governor Mark Dayton to head the State Office of Higher Education last October, he ended a legislative career that spanned more than three decades in the state House and the Senate.

  • Story by Flor Trevino and Mike Fischbein

    Minnesota Senate Republicans have selected Dave Senjem of Rochester as their new majority leader. Senjem takes over for Senator Amy Koch, who resigned the post amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a male staffer.

    Senjem said “Over the course of the last two weeks we’ve gone through a difficult period.

  • A bird bander in northern Minnesota captured a black capped chickadee last week, and discovered that he was looking at an old friend. Ornithologist Michael North re-captured a bird he had banded 9 years ago. At that time of the first banding the bird was two years old, so this individual bird is the Oldest Known Living Chickadee on Earth, at 11 years, 6 months.

  • It has been almost 7 full months since a tornado tore through North Minneapolis, severely damaging homes and upending an already economically stressed community.
    Through the summer and fall people of the north side have been working to re-build their lives.

  • You see them every day – tossed in the back of pick-up trucks and tied to the roofs of cars. This is prime time for Christmas tree sales, and KFAI’s Erika Lantz took time to visit with the some of the people who work in urban lots that suddenly turn green for a few weeks each year.

  • Earlier this month, some of the conflict that characterizes Ethiopian politics erupted in downtown Minneapolis when local protesters objected to a visit by the east African country’s ambassador. The intent of the meeting was to encourage members of the Ethiopian community to invest in a government-run dam building project on the Nile – known as the “Millennium Dam”.

  • Story by Eric Blom

    Somali people in Minnesota who send money to east Africa are still concerned that the method they use to transfer funds to family members in Africa will soon shut down. Earlier this month, the Franklin Bank in Minneapolis announced it would stop working with “hawalas” on the fund transfers. The deadline was this week.

  • Pete Bosse is on the phone with us now to explain the rest. Good morning.
    Earlier this week some people in Minneapolis and St. Paul were offered the chance to start the ball rolling on a “pay it forward” idea for holiday giving.
    Pete Bosse says he and his wife come up with “holiday it forward” idea while they were looking for a way to have a more meaningful celebration.

  • Lawyers, dentists, hair stylists and chiropractors all came together this week to volunteer on behalf of homeless people. Project Homeless Connect mobilizes 500 service providers to one central location to make help more available to those who need it. KFAI’s Susan Gray was there.