Minneapolis' Long Lost Skid Row

Looking at downtown Minneapolis today, it’s hard to imagine that there used to be a skid row where flophouses, cheap beer and muscatel were the order of the day. That's mainly because the city tore it all down unceremoniously in the early 1960s to make way for urban renewal. But Journalist James Shiffer found a character who never forgot what was there: John Bacich, aka "Johnny Rex." Bacich owned a liquor store, bar, and flophouse on skid row – and he also documented on flim the people who lived there.

In Shiffer's new book, “The King of Skid Row: John Bacich and the Twilight Years of Old Minneapolis," he explores that demolished era of the city’s past through interviews with Bacich and research into how the city razed its troubled past. Shiffer spoke with Xan Holston on the Monday Morning Blend and laid out some landmarks.


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