Rainy Riders Launch Green Line

The Green Line Light Rail project started running between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul along University Avenue on Saturday, June 14, 2014. 
Free rides were provided all weekend throughout the Metro Transit system. 
Opening day festivities at a number of stations along the way were marred by a persistent rainstorm and high winds.  
KFAI’s Debbie Strege braved the elements to sample some of the music and talk to a few of the first riders.   She spoke with  Gary, DeRong, Sean Dunn, Joshua and Sarah Stumbo, and Mike Elias, who is co-owner of Barely Brothers Records in St. Paul, a new record store near the Raymond Avenue Station.   She also visited with Kathy Larson, who shared a family legend about traveling between the Twin Cities on the now-defunct streetcar system. 
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