KFAI Joins Instagram

KFAI has recently taken another step into the world of emerging social media. New marketing and PR intern, Seth Hynes-Marquette, has created an Instagram page for the station, allowing them to connect to fans and listeners with the art of visuals more than ever before. Our account, which goes under the username “kfaifmradio”, is run by the members of KFAI on their own personal smart phones and devices.


What is Instagram?


Instagram is an app that allows users to take pictures and record videos of just about anything, customize their appearance with a multitude of different filters, then proceed to share them publicly with other users that follow their account. It also allows followers to give feedback or comments on your recently posted media. If a user is also active with a personal Facebook or Twitter page, they are given the option to simultaneously upload the same photo or video to some or all of these accounts.


According to “Our Story” on Instagram’s Press Page, the app was launched in late 2010, and gained approximately 1 million users by years end. In December of 2011, Apple named Instagram the “iPhone app of the year”, and by April of 2012, the app was released for Android smartphones. By February of 2013, the app had grown to 100 million users, and today, the number stands at approximately 150 million. 


Follow Us!


If you are not currently an Instagram user, we strongly encourage you to sign up! The app provides a unique and literally colorful spin on connecting with friends, family, co-workers, or basically anyone at all. If you already have an account, or plan to create one, follow KFAI by searching our Instagram user name, kfaifmradio, under the “Explore” tab. The members at KFAI will be uploading pictures and video of the happenings down at the station and all over the Twin Cities, as well as releasing information about upcoming events, broadcasts, programs, and more. 


That’s kfaifmradio on Instagram! 



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About the author:

Seth Hynes-Marquette

Seth is currently a marketing and PR intern at KFAI and a Junior at McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul. Born and raised in South Central Minnesota, Seth has handled promotions and public relations for several bands and artists. He currently plays drums with and co-manages local bands Lavender Daughter and Near-Vana, as well as assisting in creating their bios, press releases, social media content, community outreach campaigns, and show reviews. Seth is excited to share his passion for writing and public relations with the KFAI and Twin Cities communities! 

Follow Seth on Twitter: @YoDawg_ItsSeth

For questions or information, contact Seth at:



Source for Instagram timeline:


Instagram, ”Our Story." http://instagram.com/press/


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