Turning Japanese - True Brit! welcomes podcaster Tim Young

On this weeks True Brit!, host Simon Husbands welcomes the US born writer and teacher, podcaster and musicologist, also resident of Japan, Mr.Tim Young!


As a teenager, he began corresponding with a pen pal in Japan, leading to a growing interest in the country that led him to move there in 1989. In his 25 years there, he has worked as an English teacher and also in the field of marketing and communications, in print and on the Web.

 In 2003 he began a column called “Machigai!” (“mistake”) in Mainichi Weekly, a newspaper for students of English. The column still continues today, and led to the publication of two books in Japan, authored by Tim.

Since late 2005, he has hosted Deconstructing Comics, a podcast about the medium of sequential art. The weekly show includes interviews with comics creators, reviews of comics, and discussion of relevant topics. In a spinoff podcast, Critiquing Comics, Tim and co-host Mulele Jarvis critique comics created and submitted by listeners.

In 2006, “Machigai!” also became a podcast. Each Machigai Podcast episode features a skit to present several common mistakes and how to correct them, in a lighthearted way. Tim is now beginning a monthly spinoff program, Machigai Interview, in which he interviews Japanese who are living abroad or working in English-speaking environments.

Tim is currently traveling across the US (a trip nicknamed “Tim Across America”), in part to generate content for both Deconstructing Comics and Machigai Interview. See http://timyoungonline.com


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