Remembering Matthew Little

Matthew Little, a civil rights leader who led the Minnesota delegation in the historic March On Washington in 1963,  died on January 26th, 2014.   
Little moved to Minnesota on the strength of a coin flip – it was going to be Minneapolis or Denver.  When the coin came up “heads”, Minneapolis gained a community leader who fought for desegregation and stood up for democracy with dignity and grace.  
Little’s life was the focus of the KFAI program "Conversations with Al McFarlane”.  Guests Mahmoud el Kati, a Professor Emeritus at Macalester College,  St. John’s University Political Science Professor Gary Prevost, and University of Minnesota Professor August Nimtz, discussed Matthew Little's many contributions. 
To hear more of this conversation, select "Conversations with Al McFarlane" from the program menu.  
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