Michael Ableman -Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Here in the depths of  February with snow and ice all around, you may prefer to think about green and growing things.   You’re in luck.  This Friday and Saturday at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, the Sustainable Farming Association is holding its 22nd annual conference

  The keynote speaker is Michael Ableman, founder of the Center for Urban Agriculture in California, and a recognized practitioner of sustainable agriculture and proponent of regional food systems.  He has written several books including "On Good Land" and "Field of Plenty.

Ableman's speech is called “Feeding the Future: Stories, Images, and Inspirations from the Frontiers of Urban and Rural Agriculture”

A new registration option has just been added to attend Michael Ableman’s keynote address this Saturday, Feb 16 without attending the full summit.

Michael Ableman talked to KFAI's Terry Carter on the Morning Blend.

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