Data and Democracy


A recent article from the investigative journalism website  Pro Publica reveals some surprising things about political data collection here in Minnesota.   Records are kept showing whether you voted or not in each election, but no one knows HOW you voted, right? 

Not officially. 

But if you make political contributions, put a campaign sign on your lawn, write letters to the editor, and in some cases if you speak up at the dinner table, Minnesota’s political parties probably have a pretty clear idea about your inclinations – thanks to volunteer power and just plain nosiness.

Pro Publica reporter Lois Beckett has written a series of articles about the data collection practices that surround your polticial activities online and the things you do in your community.  

She spoke with KFAI's Dale Connelly about "The Grandma Brigade", and other techniques political parties are using to get to know you and to predict your leanings.  

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