National Climate Assessment Sparks Discussion


The latest draft of a major federal report says climate change is already affecting U.S. residents through heat waves, droughts and other weather events.  The third National Climate Assessment warns that temperatures could increase as much as 10 degrees by the end of this century if global carbon emissions keep soaring.


The report tallies wide-ranging effects of climate change, and notes that U.S. infrastructure is already being harmed by sea-level rise, storm surges and heavy downpours.


Todd Sanford, a scientist with the Union of Concerned Scientists, told an influential Washington DC blog called “The Hill” that “This could help restart a national conversation about climate change.”


Part of that discussion unfolded on KFAI's Morning Blend, when J. Drake Hamilton, Science Policy Advisor for Fresh Energy, stopped by to talk with Flor Frey and Mike Fischbein.  


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