Lizz Winstead on KFAI Monday Morning 11am

Start your New Year's Eve with a review of all the madness in our political and public policy arenas when comedian and writer Lizz Winstead stops by "Pam Without Boundaries" Monday morning. Winstead is a no-holds-barred political satirist who views policy-makers and the media that love them through a progressive lens and she's back in town for her annual review at The Parkway Theater. This year it's "The Long and Binding Road," in which Winstead takes you through the year starting with the general election and reminding us how we all got there. Winstead is also a huge music fan who turns us on to great tracks each time she makes a visit. Pam will chat during the 11 o'clock hour with Winstead about the New Year's Eve show at The Parkway, her autobiography "Lizz Free or Die" published this year, a movement she calls "lady parts justice," and her love of rock-n-roll.  

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