Getting to Zero, a World AIDS Day event with LaMont Wheat & Kevin "Kaoz” Moore on Fresh Fruit Nov 29 at 7pm

World AIDS Day is December 1 and tonight on Fresh Fruit MAAAH and the Black HIV Coalition guests will talk about their event  at the Capri Theater that includes guests Jamar "The Voice" Rogers  & LaMont Wheat plus multidisciplinary artists Jaime Carrera & Jeffry Lusiak will talk about their new projects with host Dixie Treichel. 


Guests: Kevin "Kaoz" Moore, LaMont Wheat,  Jaime Carrera, Jeffry Lusiak


Kevin "Kaoz" Moore, HIV activist, hip hop artist, writer, educator & LaMont Wheat, activist, recording artist, songwriter

MAAAH and the Black HIV Coalition -- "United in the fight against AIDS"

World AIDS Day event "Getting to Zero" - The Sarah Simmons Showcase featuring special celebrity guest Jamar "The Voice" Rogers, LA recording artist and LaMont Wheat, recording artist, songwriter. Plus Free HIV/STI testing, local talent, free food, and a good time! Friday November 30th, 2012, The Capri Theater, 4-6 pm Brother Circle Dinner, 6-8pm. Other World AIDS Day events the whole weekend.

Jaime Carrera, creator, curator of Outlet, a pop-up performance festival that will feature a bevy of monumental & innovative artists, from local legends to up & coming stars. Outlet will take place in a huge underground space in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis as part of the highly successful Artists In Storefronts project. The festival will run the gamut of performance, from performance art to modern dance to dance theater to live music. Saturdays- Dec 8, 15- Jan 5,12,19,26-Feb 2,9 at West 28th and Blaisdell Ave, Minneapolis beneath Los Amigos.

Jeffry Lusiak, performance artist, educator, creator of weaves questions of assimiliation within queer identity into a visually-arresting, dynamic collage of live performance and layered video projection to create a bold and unsettling world of high heels, pop culture, violence, desire, shame, and love. Part of Naked Stages Dec 5-15 at Pillsbury House Theatre. - December 12-15 @ 7:30 pm