Father Michael Lapsley

Michael Lapsley was born in New Zealand and went to seminary in Australia to become an Anglican priest.  His life changed dramatically when he went to South Africa and took a conscientious stand against the apartheid regime, joining the struggle for liberation. 

As a result he was exiled, targeted for assassination, and brutally attacked.    

His response was to take up a new vocation as a wounded healer, drawing on his own experience to help other victims of violence and trauma.

He founded the Institute for the Healing of Memories, and he wrote a book called “Redeeming the Past – My Journey from Freedom Fighter to Healer”. 

Father Lapsley is in Minnesota for this year's Vaclav Havel Symposium, a collaboration between the House of Hope congregation and the University of St. Thomas.    He’ll give the Havel lectureat 7pm, Tuesday October 9th,  at the O’Shaugnessey Educational Center at the University of St. Thomas.   

Father Lapsley talked with KFAI’s Nathan Jones, who asked him how old he was when he went to South Africa. 

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