KFAI's "Morning Blend" Kicks Off One-Week Pledge Drive

KFAI listeners and volunteers have named our new morning drive time program Morning Blend. Support KFAI's 89 uniquely curated programs by joining or renewing your membership at Donate Now.

Morning Blend is produced by KFAI's News Director Dale Connelly and hosted by KFAI news volunteers and program hosts. Morning Blend opened KFAI's fall pledge drive and 343 listeners have contributed $25,100 as 2:00 p.m. on Day 3 of the one-week drive.

In this critical time when financial support is being sought by numerous non-profit organizations, why should you invest some of your disposable income in KFAI? You should make a financial investment because KFAI provides:

  • music curated by knowledgeable program hosts with years of experience in the field;
  • invaluable journalism training for youth who may become our next leaders in media journalism;
  • access to media democracy for emerging communities as well as established cultural communities from across the world; and,
  • locally-focused news and cultural affairs who can't hear anywhere else.

Pledge now by calling 612.375.9030 or click here now so KFAI can reach its goal of $90,300 by midnight on October 4, 2012!