KFAI Morning Show Needs A Name!

KFAI has launched a new morning program and it’s a work in progress. 

Even the name is up for grabs.  We're asking our listeners to suggest a permanent name for the show.  The winner will be chosen by a panel of KFAI's most involved volunteers, and to the victor goes an Electric Fetus Gift Card!

The show is a mix of local news stories, interviews, and “I Heard It On KFAI” features – excerpts of some of your favorite programs from around the schedule.

But there’s a tuneful component too, featuring familiar sounds from the 90.3 / 106.7 musical palate.   We're going for a pleasant and at times provocative mix of influences and elements. 

If it were an animal, it might be a Platypus – a venomous mammal that inexplicably lays eggs. 

So far we’ve heard these ideas –


Morning Ramble

Morning Blend

Morning Roast

Morning Sickness

Fresh Air in the Morning

(sense a theme here?)

Smorgasbord Sunrise

KFAI Commons

Minnesota Morning Mix (The M3 Show) 

Toaster Strudel

And KFAI’s Morning Infusion! 


Got an idea?  Leave it at the KFAI page on Facebook, send it by e-mail to News Director Dale Connelly – daleconnelly@kfai.org, or call it in to 612 341 3144 extension 16