M. Sanjayan Travels the World

Story by Nathan Jones

M. Sanjayan is lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy, specializing in conservation issues. His work has appeared on The Discovery Channel, BBC, National Geographic Wild, and scientific journals including Conservation Biology and Nature. On Thursday, May 10th, he was a featured guest at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of the Environment as part of the "Momentum 2012" series.

KFAI’s Nathan Jones talked with Sanjayan before the lecture and asked about his world travels.

(note: The next event in the "Momentum 2012" series will happen on May 23rd and will feature Environmental theologian Martin Palmer, the Secretary General, Alliance of Religions and Conservation. His talk is titled "Creation or Ecosystems? Rediscovering Our Place in the Natural World.”
For more information, call 612 624-2345.)

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