Congressional Candidate Chris Fields

Story by Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi

The Republican Party has selected a candidate to run against Minnesota 5th district congressman, Keith Ellison. His name is Chris Fields and he is not a typical Minnesota Republican candidate. He’s African-American, was raised in the south Bronx, and his step-father was a community activist who started a non-profit organization to rehabilitate the neighborhood.

Chris Fields excelled at school, he was the Valedictorian of his graduating class, but college wasn’t an option for him. So he worked for a while in Manhattan’s rough-and-tumble package delivery business. Then he joined the Marines and spent 21 years in the corps. The Marines took him around the world and sent him on two combat tours to Iraq. Honorably discharged from the Marines last summer, Chris Fields is now trying his hand at politics.

He talked with Michelle Alimoradi and Bob Hines on the KFAI Weekly News.

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