Ron Thums Closes The Case on Jet Set Planet!

Real or Replicant? Bacon or Bacon Bits? Legit-Jazz or Jet Set Planet? The answers, my friends, can be found in another question: What's wrong with MUZAK? Tune in Friday Night at 9 when Ron Thums formally of "Radio Rumpus Room" joins me on the April 6th edition of Jet Set Planet. Together, we'll make the case for MUZAK and make the case as to why you should consider a donation to KFAI using cold HARD cash, and not monopoly money.

Yes it is our spring pledge drive at that station. Give a call at
612-375-9030 or pledge online right now at
Tell 'em Jet Set Planet sent you and I'll reciprocate with our
infamous JSP Goody Bag as a thank you gift.

Thanks for your consideration!

Ron (or is that Replicant Ron) will also be discussing ideas for a new radio show he is imagining. Potential titles: "Hydrogen Peroxide Ruined my Rocket-Car," Ack-Ack, Jerry Drives a Half-Track" and "The Clown and Mrs. Hotrod."

Be there, Aloha
~glen leslie