What is the Blues? - Rolling and Tumblin Jacquie Lady J Maddix - March 5th Health Notes

Let Lady Griot "work the roots" and take you on a musical journey to help you form your own answer.

Is the Blues really only about a good woman losing her man, after five long years? Is the Blues about healing the sick and raising the dead? Does the Blues really tell you how to get your mojo working? The LadyJ Griot says yes....yes, it does. The Blues tells you all that and much more. You only have to listen to the Blues with feelin' and let Lady J Griot conjure up the magic of the Blues for you! You'll be spellbound!

Lady J Griot connects us to the history of the Blues, showing the link between many of the religio-spiritual references found in the music to the ancient African tribal practices that the slaves carried with them from the old country to the New World.