New band Darla joins Spin w/ Cyn Tuesday debuting songs from upcoming EP!

Tune in to Spin w/ Cyn Tuesday, as I host one of my favorite new bands Darla, fe: Jimmy Peterson and Paul Pirner (both formerly of the 757s); Mike Wisti (Rank Strangers) and John Crist (Bellwether, and Dashboard Saviors of Athens, GA)! They are debuting new songs, and spinning favorites in advance of their show Jan. 13 at Hell's Kitchen with High on Stress, The Beatifics and The Red Flags, and Jan. 14 with the Goondas and DJ Knol Tate at the Turf Club!

Darla hit the Twin Cities music scene in late September, with an array of beautifully melodic yet poignant songs of sad beauty, remniscent of Pavement. Complex guitars intertwine in a sparse landscape held steady with the simple, understated rhythms of Crist's drums, while Peterson sings eloquently written songs of longing and nostalgia backed by the excellent harmonies of his longtime musical partner, Paul Pirner.

On Spin with Cyn Tuesday, January 10 from 10 a.m. - noon, the four Darla members debut new songs from their forthcoming EP engineered and produced by Mike Wisti. They also will share songs from their other bands and favorite songs and inspiration in general. They'll tell us stories of how they formed, got their mysterious name and more!

Tune in to Spin with Cyn Tuesday, 10 a.m. - noon to hear more from my special guests, Darla!