Holiday it Forward

Pete Bosse is on the phone with us now to explain the rest. Good morning.
Earlier this week some people in Minneapolis and St. Paul were offered the chance to start the ball rolling on a “pay it forward” idea for holiday giving.
Pete Bosse says he and his wife come up with “holiday it forward” idea while they were looking for a way to have a more meaningful celebration.
In short order Bosse and friends found themselves handing out envelopes in downtown Minneapolis, on the University of Minnesota campus, and in St. Paul. In each envelope was a single dollar bill, and on the envelope – a set of instructions.
Pete Bosse is the originator of the holiday it forward idea … putting 500 dollars in seed money in envelopes and handing the money out to strangers, giving them a chance to “pay it forward” to somebody else.
You can find out more online at holiday it forward dot org.

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