Rosemount Wind Turbine

The University of Minnesota will commission a new 420 foot tall wind turbine on October 25th in Rosemount, at U-More Park. It’s a bit unusual to see a gigantic wind turbine so close to a major metropolitan area, but this one has a special role to play. Not only will it generate electricity, but it will serve as a research center to test new wind power technology.
The idea is to provide a place for innovation and experimentation that doesn’t require taking a major wind farm off line, and the project is the result of a unique collaboration between government, education and the private sector.

Rod Larkins is one of the people instrumental in putting together the elements that led to this facility. He’s the Special Program Director for IREE, the Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment, which is part of the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota. He spoke with KFAI's Terry Carter on The Takeaway.

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