Steve Kaul & The Brass Kings perform on Live From Studio 5!, Sept. 14

Live From Studio 5! is proud to bring to the airwaves Steve Kaul & The Brass Kings. This band and its individual members has been a local favorite for years and now you get to hear ‘em LIVE From Studio 5! The Brass Kings have been wowing festival audiences, theaters and clubs since 2005.

Using a washboard, a rope and a guitar, The Brass Kings deliver high-energy bluegrass-injected music. Steve Kaul's fingerpicking and songwriting propel an amazing wall of sound. The Brass Kings play old-time instruments in very unconventional ways. Metal-bodied resophonic guitar, washtub bass and scrubboard chart the Bermuda Triangle of old-time, latin and experimental music from jug-band swing to improvisational ragas.

The Brass Kings feature Steve Kaul on guitars and vocal, Mikkel Beckmen on scrubboard and fridge door, and Brad Ptacek on washtub bass. Mikkel has played on Live From Studio 5 more than once so it will be great to hear him in this configuration. One of our first questions will be, How did you get that name? When I heard they’d be on I thought, Oh boy, a brass band. I guess not! This should be a really fun show.

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