True Brit! welcomes musician/performer FISKUM

Host Simon Husbands welcomes FISKUM to this week's August 6 edition of True Brit! (midnight Friday midnight-2 a.m. Saturday) A keyboard player and composer, Dan Fiskum currently records and performs with his band The British Blue Tits, which includes musicians from the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Minnesota.

Fiskum’s approach to composition is influenced by his interests in Chaos Magic and in ethnomusicology. A premise of Chaos Magic is that when belief is viewed as an active magical force, any religion, philosophy or system of belief can be applied to bring about valid results and change. Magical paradigms and musical paradigms are similar. Various styles of music can be seen as systems of musical thought that internally hang together and make sense to the listener, as long as he or she intuitively understands the assumptions and values underlying the style.

Fiskum believes that most musical styles, when practiced honestly and with conviction, can bring about gnosis, or mystical knowledge and enlightenment. Fiskum’s current work emphasizes compelling lyrics and chord progressions presented with dense guitars and state-of-the-art analog and digital synthesizers. Fiskum’s compositions create a heavily textured sonic environment that evokes the characters, themes and locales from H.P. Lovecraft stories and post-gothic literature.

Fiskum has a Master’s degree in music and studied at New England Conservatory with Ran Blake and George Russell. He has appeared in concert, and his records have been featured on radio playlists throughout the United States.

True Brit! broadcasts Friday-Saturdays, midnight- 2 a.m.