Television's Richard Lloyd interviewed on Spin With Cyn

Tune in to Spin With Cyn this Tuesday, July 26 as Cyn Collins airs her recent interview with highly influential guitarist Richard Lloyd, of the legendary New York post-punk band Television.

Television formed in New York City in 1973 when Lloyd and his roommate Terry Ork saw Tom Miller aka Verlaine perform three songs. Lloyd added Richard Hell and drummer Billy Ficca joined the mix. Television were one of the earliest regular bands of CBGBs, and contributed to the booking of bands such as Talking Heads and Patti Smith who they double-billed with regularly. They were instrumental in CBGBs becoming a world-renowned rock club. A major part the early 1970s New York underground rock scene, Television are regarded as one of the founders of post-punk and new-wave.

Lloyd has also pursued a solo career since 1979. He has worked with artists such as Matthew Sweet and John Doe (X). In 2009, he released The Jamie Nevertz Story, a collection of Jimi Hendrix covers (Jamie Nevertz was the codename Lloyd and his best friend Velvert Turner used when they wanted to secretly attend Hendrix' shows).

Lloyd tells stories about encounters with Jimi Hendrix, learning guitar from him vicariously via Velvert, a protégé of Hendrix. He talks about influences such as John Lee Hooker, who taught him “the secret to playing electric guitar.” He talks about early days of CBGBs, and his philosophy of music today. Lloyd continues his successful solo career and is a renowned and passionate teacher of guitar to aspiring guitarists.

Richard Lloyd plays at Nick and Eddie's three times in the week ahead: Wednesday sitting with Curtiss A. from 9–11 p.m.; Friday at 11 p.m.; Monday, August 1, headlining Genrebeast around midnight. Friday and Monday he will be backed by Curtiss A. on bass and Freddie Votel on drums.