Local Music Double-Header on Monday Morning

Tune in to Pam Without Boundaries Monday, August 1st, to hear two local acts with news to fill your last month of summer. At 10am, Nathan and Mandy from Ghost in the Water join Pam to talk about their second full-length record, coming out with a CD party at the 331 Club Saturday, August 6th. You might remember their first incarnation, Fitzgerald, or their first Ghost in the Water release, Tooth. We'll talk about the new album, Shooting Stars and Battle Scars, and how their sound has changed with each new record they've put together. Theirs has been a fun evolution to hear.

At 11am, Mother Banjo stops by to give us a preview of her Tuesday night series at the 331 Club. You might know Mother Banjo under her given name, Ellen Stanley, host of Womenfolk on KFAI. She'll be joined throughout the month of August by great fellow songwriters and performers at the 331 each Tuesday night. You'll hear some of the guests she has lined up, as well as Ellen's take on why the 331 calls it the Tuesday night conspiracy series. Haven't you wondered that before?

It's all about celebrating local music as we swing into our August. Tune in and join us!