Local Artist Kevin Steinman Guest DJs Monday Morning

Musician, songwriter, producer, and former high school English teacher Kevin Steinman comes to KFAI Monday, June 27th, with handfuls of songs for your ears from 11am - 12pm. Steinman will guest curate the final hour of Pam Without Boundaries, and for this lover of lyrics, sounds, and Norway, he will expand the boundaries of your usual Monday morning listening.

Steinman was a guest with Pam in April, celebrating the release of his album, Pre-Existing Condition. His love of music and admiration of other artists bubbled through the conversation, and Pam thought it would be fun to have Steinman back to share more of that enthusiasm. Expect a great hour of music and Pam to be on her best grammatical behavior when you tune in to KFAI Monday morning, 11am.