Haley Bonar and The Falderals tonight on Live From Studio 5!

According to City Pages, to watch Haley Bonar perform is haunting and humbling; rarely is it so keenly obvious that an artist is doing precisely what they were born to do. Sleepy but never sedate, Bonar's set was as simple and as perfect as a pocketwatch, and as intimate as a lullaby Haley will entertain us with a few solo acoustic numbers in Studio 4.
Boy, I can hardly wait for this! Check out Haley here

The Falderals take their name from an old nonsense folk lyric (“fal-de-ral-diddle-o-day”) and trace their roots back to Elizabeth Cotton (they still do a foot-stomping version of “Freight Train”) and beyond. With Andy on his 000-15 Mahogany Martin (the same guitar preferred by Woody Guthrie) and Rebecca on her over-sized acoustic bass, they strum, sing, and pound their way through a melodic songbook of Americana originals, blending harmony and heartache in a way that’s earned them the distinction of being “new folk for old souls.
Check them out here