From House To Home - Discover The Potential That Your Home Holds To Positively Influence Your Life - March 21st Health Notes

Do you feel something’s “not quite right” or out of balance about your home?

Do you wish your home was more satisfying to you?

Is your home a source of comfort, joy, and harmony?

Is your home contributing to your emotional and physical health?
Does your home feel meaningful to you?

Seldom is home looked at as a totality including beauty and balance, creativity and collaboration, money and meaning.

When we understand home in all its dimensions, its power to improve our lives is unleashed.

Kinshasha talks with CAROLE HYDER, M.A., Feng Shui Expert, and Margaret Lulic M.A., Consulting Philosopher about their upcoming
workshop March 26th and how to build a relationship with
your home that transforms how you live day-to-day.