Black History Month Program - Youth From WE WIN Institute - Feb, 21st Health Notes

Health Notes will be turning the airwaves over to the young people of WE WIN Institute.

WE WIN Institute's Theme for Black History Programming this year is From Africa to the America. It focuses on accomplishments of North, South and East Africa, the triangular slave trade, the hardships of slavery and the victory of African Americans in spite of the brutality.

This includes African Ameican inventors, politicians, and educators.

The ages of the chldren are from 5-18.

Three WE WIN programs will be included: North and South Minneapolis afterschool programs and our mentoring program from Cooper High School in Robbinsdale.

Last year's performance on Health Notes focused on all individual accomplishments of people of African descent. This year, we are talking about what happened in each period.

Poetry will also be included in the presentation