New Beginnings: The Story of Liberians in Minnesota airs on MinneCulture Feb 16, 21 & 23

New Beginnings: The Story of Liberians in Minnesota
Produced by e.g. Bailey and Sha Cage

This special three-part documentary airs from 7:30-8pm on MinneCulture:
Part 1: Wed, Feb 16
Part 2: Mon, Feb 21
Part 3: Wed, Feb 23

For some time now, Minnesota has been a refuge for immigrant communities displaced from their homes due to a variety of circumstances. Minnesota's Liberian community grew rapidly in the aftermath of a series of civil wars that ravished their country. However the story of Liberians in Minnesota does not begin with these civil wars, but stretches over more than 50 years.

In this radio documentary, producers e.g. Bailey and Sha Cage explore Liberian history, along with the growth and development of the community here in Minnesota.

Hear conversations with a wide-range of community members, including Wynfred Russell, Abdullai Kiatamba, Piso Tarr, Yeamah Brewer, Mameneh George and others, as well as prominent local figures including State Representative Keith Ellison, history professor Peter Rachleff, and theater director Wendy Knox.

This three-part program provides an overview of where the Liberian community in Minnesota stands today, the contributions it has made to the state, and what the future holds.

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