Tune in Tuesday as Savage Aural Hotbed join Spin with Cyn!

This Tuesday, Savage Aural Hotbed members join Spin with Cyn at 11 a.m. They'll share songs from, and talk about their new CD “Glove of Sound in anticipation of their CD Release Party at First Avenue on Saturday, January 22!

I'm excited and honored to host Savage Aural Hotbed, a favorite band for two decades! While they won't be using powertools in the studio, you will hear stories of some fascinating sonic inventions they've created and you can hear on their new CD, and best yet, watch them perform with at their electrifying live show.

Sparks will fly once more as Savage Aural Hotbed take their power tools, oil drums, and other “found object” percussion instruments to the First Avenue stage in industrial celebration of their new release, “Glove of Sound.” Savage Aural Hotbed’s aurally and visually compelling show utilizes Taiko drumming influenced power-tool percussion on objects from sheet metal to giant barrels, with electronically-modified horns, vocals, and bass. SAH introduces their own newly-invented instruments on Glove of Sound such as Socket Blocks (graphite fiber prosthetic limb sockets mounted on a rack and played like a xylophone) and the namesake Gloves of Sound (glove-mounted contact microphones amplifying anything they hold or touch). Savage Aural Hotbed’s compositions incorporate mathematical conflicts, nature sounds inspired song elements and song-building from pre-fab rhythmic building blocks.

Performing with SAH are The Brass Messengers (11-piece brass band) and MercyKill (industrial/goth/metal)
First Avenue Mainroom, $8 - doors 6 p.m. music 6:30 – 10 p.m. (sharp)