Epiphany - Have You Ever Experienced an Epiphany Jan 10th Health Notes

Have you ever experienced an epiphany ~ a life-changing moment or realization? Elise Ballard did and was so stunned by its effect on her life that she started asking others if they had ever experienced these kinds of breakthroughs. What began as simple curiosity led to an unexpected and exciting journey, spanning several years and the breadth of human experience. Tune into Health Notes: on January 10th to learn more.

The result is Epiphany a written collection of more than 50 revelations that changed the lives of the person, and the lives of others, forever. Inspiring, thought-provoking, and eye-opening, Epiphany contains the deeply intimate stories of people from all walks of life, from public figures to personal acquaintances and life-long friends.

Kinshasha talks with Elise about Epiphany.