Roadkill Bill meets Vincent van Gogh: audio theater on the Wave Project, September 26

This Sunday, September 26, Deadbeats On The Air audio theater troupe presents their latest adventure Roadkill Bill Meets Vincent van Gogh. The work is based on the Roadkill Bill comic strips of Minnesota artist Ken Avidor and was created by writer Britt Aamodt. In this comic farce, Roadkill Bill, a hapless squirrel, meets Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, brought to life again when a scientist clones him from a hunk of the artist's famously missing ear. Too bad that the 21st century has no interest in van Gogh's new works. And too bad for Bill that he's saddled with a temperamental artist who can't seem to stay away from trouble. Join artist Ken Avidor and the Deadbeats cast live, in-studio, for a special Pledge Drive presentation on the Wave Project at 10 am.

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