Minnesota Stories Headline Monday Morning

The AMPERS web site has over 1,000 stories, featuring some of the most creative, passionate, and talented Minnesotans you know—and may not know—gathered from all over the state. Join web site manager Todd Melby as he visits Pam Without Boundaries Monday morning, 11am, to share some of those stories. From restoring a synagogue in Duluth, to Inuit throat singing courtesy of WTIP in Grand Marais, the web site is a way for us to hear about artists from the tip of the arrowhead to the bottom of bluff country. We get to know our entire state, through the ears of community radio. Tune in!

KFAI is part of the AMPERS collective, the Association of Minnesota Public and Educational Radio Stations. You can visit the AMPERS web site at http://www.ampers.org.