Minnesota Cartoonists on MinneCulture

Minnesota cartoonists are profiled in this two-part documentary about the Twin Cities' vibrant doodle community.

PART I, MON, AUG 23 @ 7:30PM:

Will Dinski, illustrator of the graphic novel, Fingerprints

Steve Stwalley, creator of Soapy the Chicken; founder of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy

Sarah Morean, coordinator of Twin Cities Zinefest and Minneapolis Indie Expo

Kevin Hoffman, City Pages editor-in-chief

Lars Martinson, creator of the four-part graphic novel, Tonoharu

PART II, WED, AUG 25 @ 7:30PM:

Dave Steinlicht, graphic designer for Pioneer Press

Chris Monroe, creator of Violet Days

Ken Avidor, creator of Roadkill Bill

Kevin Hoffman, City Pages editor-in-chief

Andy Singer, creator of No Exit

Kirk Anderson, creator of Banana Republic

Roger Lootine, creator of Residue