Musician Nhojj makes gay & black history on Fresh Fruit Thursday August 19 7-8pm

Join Dixie Treichel and John Townsend on “Fresh Fruit”:freshfruit Thursday August 19 from 7pm-8pm with guests Nhojj, Ananya Chatterjea and Lisa Channer.

Nhojj, singer, musician

Nhojj made history twice within the last year—as the first gay artist to reach #1 with a gay music video on the mainstream MTV Music Top 100 chart, and as the first black male artist to win an OUTMusic Award.

Nhojj grew up in Guyana and Trinidad but didn’t embark on a career in music until after graduating from NYU with a BA in Economics. Nhojj has been delivering high-quality jazzy soul for nearly a decade. He's received public congratulations from both The Advocate and BET/Centric TV.
Now openly gay Caribbean soul artist Nhojj pays tribute to all those who live Out and Proud lives—everyday Gay Warriors—with the release of The Gay Warrior Song.
He is donating the proceeds from sales of “The Gay Warrior Song” to SASOD (The Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination) – an LGBT Rights organization in Guyana, the country that he grew up in.

Ananya Chatterjea, Artistic Director
Ananya Dance Theatre
The Southern Theater
September 9-12, 2010

The world premiere of Kshoy!/Decay! explores the lives of African and Asian women forced to relocate from their homelands. Using mud as a metaphor, ADT creates a work of resonant storytelling through a choreographic blend of classical Odissi dance, the martial art Chhau and yoga. This is the first of four works that will draw on mud, gold, oil and water to investigate violence, resistance and empowerment. Co-directed by Artistic Director Ananya Chatterjea and OBIE Award-winning theater artist Laurie Carlos.

Lisa Channer, Director
Theatre Novi Most
The Oldest Story in the World
A new telling of the epic of Gilgamesh
The Southern Theater
September 24-27 & 30,
October 1-3, 2010

Theatre Novi Most is presenting a new play The Oldest Story in the World based on the ancient Mesopotamian epic of Gilgamesh and features a central couple that are in many ways the worlds first recorded gay relationship predating the biblical writings by centuries. It's a stunning story about friendship, love, relationship, loss and longing.