TTT Wednesday, May 26-11AM: Rental Foreclosures: Driving the Innocent Out

Record-breaking foreclosures continue apace across the country - and in Minnesota, but, despite laws designed to help tenants avoid premature eviction, renters are getting taken for a ride by banks and realtors who want them out of their homes and units so the properties can be turned over for a profit much sooner than the law allows. Stay tuned for stories and what could be the fallout from continuing the underwater real estate mess. It's one thing to foreclose on unemployed or even irresponsible homeowners who have failed to keep their mortgages intact, but renters cannot and should not be held accountable for their landlords' failure to maintain properties and the payments on them. It's a mess and one which victimizes the renter over and again for others' failures and exploitation following foreclosure.

Thousands of renters are unaware of the law and thus fall victim to corrupt real estate and banking practices.
What recovery?

TTT's ANDY DRISCOLL and LYNNELL MICKELSEN talk with a victim and her legal aid attorney - KENNER HARROWAY, and her Legal Aid attorney,ERIK WILLIAMSEN of The Housing Discrimination Law Project (HDLP) of Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis.Others possible.

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