Prenatal and Postpartum Depression on Feb. 15th Health Notes

Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy is not always an exciting, happy or glowing experience. Clinical depression affects 15-20% of pregnant women, sometimes hitting so hard that the moms-to-be attempt suicide. Mothers of multiples are at even higher risk with more than 25% suffering during pregnancy and postpartum.

Kinshasha will be talking with Dr. Shoshana Bennett. She knows the struggles. She is the survivor of two life-threatening, undiagnosed postpartum depressions and the founder of Postpartum Assistance for Mothers. A pioneer in the often-ignored field of postpartum depression.

Dr. Shosh is the author of the newly released Pregnant on Prozac, The Essential Guide to Making the Best Decision for You and Your Baby, a hard hitting look at the various treatment options available for pregnant women today. Many women panic and scramble for answers after learning they're pregnant. This is the only book of its kind. Dr. Shosh will provide simple, practical tips for wellness.