Feb. 1st Multicultural Cast of Four Women, Exploring the topics of Historical Memory and Planetary Healing

One boat. Four women. Four directions, four histories: merging. parting. reuniting.What are the stories that heal us, as we dive into breathing deeply, loving fully, knowing honestly, and relating consciously? How do we connect to the threads of our cultural past, as we reweave the patterns of our selves and our world?

Director and Producer, Mailia Burkhart will be talking with Kinshasha about this important performance.

The performance will be on February 5-7 & 12-14. Friday Saturday Sunday 7:30pm @ Open Eye Figure Theater 508 East 24th Street, Minneapolis MN.

The inspiration for breatheloveknowrelate is rooted in the creation story of the Hopi, in which all people of the world were originally one. We were sent to each of the directions to learn from the elements of air, water, fire, and earth. These four peoples were instructed to return, and share their gathered wisdom. In our story, the characters Breathe, Love, Know, and Relate correspond to four female performers, whose original ancestry stems from four different continents. Onstage, we meet. We tell our stories. We dance our truths side by side, in real time, fusing the magic of improvisation with the magic of puppetry to spin a different reality.
~Malia Burkhart, Director and Producer