Truth to Tell Discusses Power Play Over the Greenway

Tune in Wednesday, February 25th at 11 am to hear Truth to Tell's dicussion Power Play over the Greenway: Green Ways to Up the Voltage?.

Minneapolis' Midtown Greenway converted a rail bed below 29th Street through the core of the city's south side to bike trails and walking paths with an eye to eventually putting a transit rail line from Uptown to the River, connecting it to the regional rail system. Now Xcel Energy wants to plunk down a major power substation near Hiawatha and run a high-voltage powerline down and over the Greenway, crisscrossing the trail several times. The neighborhoods are up in arms, despite conceding the need for additional electricity to the area. Bury it, say the neighbors. Too expensive, says Xcel.

TTT's ANDY DRISCOLL and LYNNELL MICKELSEN explore the issues and conflicts plaguing the debate between large power users like Allina, Abbott-Northwestern Hospital and Wells Fargo Bank who can't afford summer brownouts against a new green vision for power generation promoted by area advocates. We talk with a panel of principals of varying perspectives.


PETER MCLAUGHLIN, Hennepin County Commissioner/Former Chair, H.C. Regional Rail Authority (owner of Greenway right-of-way)

GEORGE CROCKER, Executive Director, North American Water Office

BILL ZIEGLER, President/CEO, Little Earth of United Tribes

BETTY MIRZAYI, Transmission Project Manager, and
DAVE CALLAHAN, Supervisor - Siting & Land Rights, XCEL ENERGY


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