Barack Obama Declared Winner, MN Senate Race Too Close to Call, and More

The Presidential election has been called in favor of Barack Obama. John McCain recently concluded his concession speech, commenting on the historic nature of the election urging the nation to come together as Americans. Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech in Chicago moments ago, promising a new dawn of American leadership.

The Minnesota Senate race remains a dead heat with Norm Coleman and Al Franken tied at 42%. Independence party candidate Dean Barclay is at 16%.

The sixth and third district’s congressional races also remain close. In the sixth district, Republican Michelle Bachman is ahead with 47%. DFLer El Tinklenberg has 42%. Independent Bob Anderson has just over 10%, with 60% reporting. The third district favors Republican Erik Paulsen with 47%; Democrat Ashwin Madia has 41%, with Independent David Dillon coming in at 11%. Just over 40% of districts have reported.

The Minnesota State Constitutional Amendment funding clean water, wildlife, cultural heritage, and natural areas stands at a 54% in favor with 65 % of districts reporting.