Sound Affects' War of the Worlds 70th Anniversary Special

This October marks the 70th Anniversary of the Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre's 'War of the Worlds' program, now known as the panic broadcast of 1938. It's also the 110th Anniversary of the publication of the original story by H. G. Wells. Each Sunday of the month Jerry Stearns, host of Sound Affects: A Radio Playground, will present excerpts from some of the many different radio versions of the War of the Worlds, plus parodies and take-offs, and background on the original Orson Welles production and at least a dozen other versions since then.
Sound Affects: A Radio Playground. Every Sunday in October at 9:30 PM.

October 5 - The story surrounding the 1938 Orson Welles War of the Worlds, the most famous radio broadcast of all time. And a parody, They Came For The Candy by Wisconsin's Radio Pirates (featuring Scott Dikkers, of 'The Onion').

October 12 - Excerpts of War of the Worlds productions by the Lux Radio Theater, and the L.A. TheatreWorks (with an all Star Trek cast), plus three different parodies.

October 19 - Excerpts of Jeff Wayne's musical version of War of the Worlds, from WKBW in Buffalo, NY, and from the BBC, plus more take-offs, including the Simpsons parody.

October 26 - The complete 50th Anniversary Production of War of the Worlds, starring Jason Robards, Steve Allen, Hector Elizondo and recognizable voices from NPR, all recorded on location at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch by Oscar winning sound artist Randy Thom.

Find out more about the many productions of War of the Worlds, online.

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