Live from Main Street Election Special

Tune in Friday, June 20th at 7pm for Live from Main Street with hosts Laura Flanders and Al McFarlane. Live from Main Street takes us to the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota where we explore what it takes to get heard this election year in the era of big media and diminished civil liberties.

The program features:

Malkia Cyril, The Center for Media Justice director; Colleen Rowley, FBI Whistle Blower and 2006 Congressional Candidate; Joel Kramer, Minn Post founder; Paul Schmelzer, Minnesota Monitor managing editor; Marlina Gonzalez, Unconvention and Intermedia Arts program director; Amalia Anderson, program director for the Main Street Project; Bruce Nestor, Minnesota National Lawyer's Guild; Chuck Olsen, the Uptake; and more national and local leaders.

Live From Main Street is a tour of the U.S. in election year 2008, hosted by Grit TV's Laura Flanders and produced by The Media Consortium and adapted for radio by National Radio Project.