The Soulless Sounds of Ray Conniff on Jet Set Planet

On Monday, March 31st enter the mind of Jet Set Planet's Karol Kaos for a night of soulless sounds from the stiffest, white-bread jazz-lite hackster of them all: Ray Conniff. Karol, of the Higher-Than-Fi Research Team, programs this special show from start to finish; Glen Leslie only hosts -- and hangs on for dear life!


If Mantovani is the epitome of elevator music, Ray Conniff is the epitome of supermarket music. Like Liberace and others among these lists, Conniff made a conscious choice to stick with a formula that guaranteed commercial success. But the quality, and at times, the humor, of his work shouldn't be disregarded.

Starting at 10:30pm, Monday night March 31st.

Be there, Aloha.