Gov. Pawlenty Cuts Transit in New Budget Plans

Under Governor Tim Pawlenty's newly proposed budget plan, some $30 million would be cut from transit. The 2008 Transportation Bill asks for a .25-cent supplemental sales tax and requires $30 million from the first year of sales tax to be directed towards Metro Transit. Metropolitan Council Chair Peter Bell frowns upon this proposal saying, The budget cuts will conceivably delay the projects. Bell is referring to projects such as the Central Corridor Lightrail line, which will connect the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis down University Avenue. Transit for Livable Communities, a transit advocacy organization, says Pawlenty's plan will have a 'trickle down' affect, where Met Council will likely have to implement service cuts and fare increases.

KFAI's Benno Groeneveld and Bob Hines interviewed Dave Van Hattum, Policy & Advocacy Program Manager for Transit for Livable Communities.

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