Truth to Tell: The Minnesota 8

Politics Intersect with Art in a new History Theatre play Peace Crimes: The Minnesota 8 vs. The War at Rarig Center.

PEACE CRIMES opens Feb. 22 at Rarig Center, University of Minnesota. Seven of the Minnesota 8 are still around and still working on peace issues after their arrests and convictions for messing up and destroying documents in Selective Service offices in several Minnesota cities. They copped to it and served a couple of years for it. The Doris Baizley play draws from a FRANK KRONCKE memoir. KFAI’s own DON OLSON (Northern Sun News) is another surviving member. The Eight were represented by Attorney Ken Tilsen, a Minnesota progressive icon.

• Minnesota Eight members FRANK KRONCKE and DON OLSON
• Playwright DORIS BAIZLEY
• History Theatre Artistic Director RON PELUSO, Director, Peace Crimes.

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