The Music of Randy Weston on Rhythm & Grooves

The Music of jazz pianist Randy Weston will be featured on Rhythm and Grooves (10:30 PM - Midnight, Tuesdays) February 12. Born in Brooklyn, where he grew up, Weston started out as a boppish, Monk inspired player, who incorporated African rhythms into his compositions after living there for a few years in the sixties. Weston, who is 72, is a wide-ranging player who has completely synthesized the use of African and Carribean rhythms with jazz, and has contributed a number of compositions to the canon of jazz standards.

Host Larry Englund will play 75 minutes of recordings from Weston's career, including solo, small group and large band recordings, as well as an LP side of a performane at the 1972 Montreaux Jazz Festival. Weston will be performing at the Dakota Jazz Club on February 17 and 18.