Fresh Fruit: Richard Anguksuar La Fortune - Two Spirit Press Room Director

Two Spirit Press Room is a GLBT Native media & cultural literacy project that bridges the gap between cultural literacy for press and media, as well as media literacy for Indigenous GLBT communities. This project is a nexus for community building through the arts, Native voices and Women in Leadership.

During the past 2 years in the US, Native GLBT people have increasingly seen public figures in front of the camera or microphone, as well as behind the scenes, attempting to weaken traditions within our wisdom cultures, our religious freedom, as well as support for programs that serve the basic well being of our communities.

Join Dixie Treichel on Fresh Fruit January 31, 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

With Guests:
Richard (Anguksuar) Little Man La Fortune, artist, writer, speaker, activist and Director of the Two Spirit Press Room, Members of the planning council for
The 20th Anniversary International Two Spirit Gathering
and Tim Hays, Native classical pianist (via phone) who recently performed for a Two Spirit Press Room Benefit in Minneapolis.