RNC Protesters Receive Permit

The Coalition to March on the Republican National Convention (RNC) and Stop the War secured permits today for the Minnesota State Capitol complex. The ultimate goal was to secure permits to march around the Xcel Energy Center, the site of the convention, bu the City of St. Paul has not complied and has previously told the group that the general deadline is six months prior to an event or in this case, March 1st. The Republican National Convention is scheduled to take place at the Xcel Energy Center September 1st through 4th. KFAI's Lauretta Dawolo has more on this story.

On Saturday, January 26th, Protest the RNC 2008 and the RNC Welcoming Committee will host a town hall forum to prepare protesters for the fall's demonstrations. The forum will take place at 2 p.m. at the Walker Community Methodist Church, located at 3104 16th Avenue in South Minneapolis. On February 10th, there will be an organizers' conference at the University of Minnesota to oppose the war and support the march on the RNC. For more information go to www.protestrnc.org

Story submitted by Lauretta Dawolo

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